Rabbi Yoni May - Torah Leads A Person To Character Development

June 10, 2018

Chat Transcript

20:32:25 From Daniel Greenwald : Can anyone else hear Rabbi Shmidman?

20:32:46 From Simcha Perkal : i cannot. i m listening by phone audio

20:32:49 From Ari Ringelheim : nope

20:33:12 From Michael Eis : no somwone else's audio is playing on my computer

20:33:42 From Yossi Bleiberg : cute kids. no shiur

20:34:04 From David Bergman : Can't hear Yoni

20:34:10 From David Bergman : Rabbi Yoni, Sorry

20:34:10 From Ari Ringelheim : not even sure the kids are that cute

20:34:25 From Daniel Greenwald : Seems like the mic is muted locally

20:50:53 From Joe shmoe  to  Yehuda Shmidman (Privately) : I agree

20:51:34 From Joe shmoe  to  Yehuda Shmidman (Privately) : of course you need to apply yourself.uts not magic. you can just say I learnt therfore I am a tzaddik

20:53:28 From David Bergman : how does this explain the generation with Yirmiayu?

20:55:16 From Aryeh : How does the Torah bring the awakening?

20:55:53 From Joe shmoe  to  Yehuda Shmidman (Privately) : with out Torah you are not necessarily aware that you need to focus on life. or changing it. however when you learn Torah you are more aware of what your lacking. Like the story with r yisroel about whether to Learn 10 minutes of Torah or mussar. if you learn 10 minutes of mussar you become more aware of what you are lacking. even though this story focuses on mussar not torah. the kuntz is the same. it makes you more aware about the important things.

20:59:04 From Shlomo Tropper  to  Yehuda Shmidman (Privately) : Could learning Torah just bring an appreciation for it, which in turn inspires a desire to excel in it, such as being a Zahir

21:00:35 From Joe shmoe  to  Yehuda Shmidman (Privately) : like fairy dust you need to believe in it or it won't work.

21:02:30 From Michael Eis  to  Yehuda Shmidman (Privately) : In response to Aryeh: If what takes us away from zehirus is that we are so caught up in worldly endevours and not focused on our purpose in life, then doesn't it makes sense that when we spend time meditating on God's commands and wisdom (i.e. learning Torah) that that would refocus us on our purpose/be motivated to want to fulfil the mandate and calling of the Torah

21:07:18 From Aryeh : We all probably remember Rabbi Cohen's famous line that "We are too busy learning who has time to think about Hashem"? Seems to support Reb Yoni that it's not automatic. Or maybe that's not really learning Torah.

21:08:04 From Joe shmoe  to  Yehuda Shmidman (Privately) : I would venture to say that someone who is hurving over the sugya of shtei shvilos will be able to be more Zahir based on their applying themselves more than a guy who doesn't learn at all. but the bottom line is you still need to apply yourself

21:12:18 From Dovid Gottlieb : rabbi goldmam- I hear the point, but I am not sure if  that it is because  we r "too busy learning" or just that learning can be divorced from anything having  to do with hashem.    e.g. yeshiva can be a talmud university not about yiddishekeit

21:13:47 From Aryeh : I think that is what Rabbi Cohen meant that studying talmud may not be learning Torah in its real sense.

21:13:59 From Dovid Gottlieb : ah k

21:15:04 From David Bergman : #FairyDust

21:15:11 From Shlomo Tropper  to  Yehuda Shmidman (Privately) : Don’t your actions need the context of what you’re doing in the world, otherwise whats creating the urgency?

21:15:46 From Tzvi Jungreis : its like studying Bible versus learning Chumash you can learn the same amount but one is purely intellectual exercise

21:17:17 From Joe shmoe : tzvi. I disagree. studying bible verses isn't learning. one needs to apply themselves. you can't just learn and think that your character flaws will dissipate

21:21:08 From Michael Eis : to Rabbi Shmidman's Q: The Ramchal seems to be speaking to people who are holding at a point of studying Torah on a regular basis - to these people he says this leads to zehirus; not that it is necessary to get to zehirus. And isn't there a great advantage to studying "bible" from an intellectual viewpoint - it leads to a deepened understanding into Daas Hashem even if it doesn't lead to zehirus - zehirus isn't the only end to learning. The Rambam discusses the advantages to learning from a philosphical standpoint - i.e. having greater insight in the world.

21:26:13 From Dovid Gottlieb : good thought michael

21:27:37 From Tzvi Jungreis : maybe Derech Eretz Kadma Latorah so is that prerequisite? to get hisssorerus

21:27:42 From Tzvi Jungreis : ?

21:29:39 From Ezra Pacht : Yaser Koach Rabbi May !